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Holo, a web hosting ecosystem that leverages spare computing capacity to create empowered P2P digital communities

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Our Inspiration

The complex global-scale problems we face call for new forms of collaboration that allow for interdependence, deep wealth, and harmony! Our work is about leveraging abundance to foster patterns of communication that gradually weave adaptive, regenerative economies.

Where the current web pulls value out of local economies, our tools help local communities re-invest in themselves. We see how power concentrates when all the world’s information is channeled through and held by central servers. This is why we designed hosting on Holo to align with the shift from simply using applications to participating in them.

How it Works

A commons-purposed Internet doesn’t just begin with the application layer. We buck the highly-valued hosting industry by making storing, processing, and serving data a way to generate value for active community members.

A distributed hosting ecosystem lets participants share spare computing capacity. When this sharing is recognized with the first cryptocurrency rooted in real digital assets, communities are freed to use the Internet in ways that truly reflect their values and needs.

Our Mission

Our core social innovation mission is to facilitate communities that thrive! We aim to enable building, hosting, and using applications for the commons on the terms of users. By imparting agency onto users and decreasing the overhead currently required to run scalable applications, our work enables exponential innovation — large-scale coordination and sharing, expressly tailored to the project at hand. Nothing short of a paradigm shift in the technological and social function of our global net ecosystem is required to place the power of the Internet in the hands of cooperatives, collectives, and communities of all stripes.

Use Cases

Holochain facilitates coordination, free of middlemen

Transcend top-down approaches to community governance with Holochain’s tools

Carrying tamper-resistant identifying information helps build trust when it’s most needed

Holo Sprouted From

  • MetaCurrency

  • Holochain

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